Biogas Digesters for Vietnamese Farmers

Majority of the Vietnamese who live in the rural areas are into agriculture. They have no access to electricity, use collected firewood for cooking, and rely on either expensive commercial fertilizers or risky raw animal manure to fertilize their fields. With these range of challenges confronting them, the biogas digester presents a cost-effective solution to address said problems.

The biogas digester is a simple, yet powerful, sanitation technology option that is capable of:

  • processing human and animal feces into safe and free fertilizer;
  • reducing cases of groundwater contamination by processing feces instead of having it discharged untreated;
  • creating biogas for use in cooking and household lighting;
  • empowering women and families by reducing their time spent on fuelwood gathering and cooking;
  • reducing indoor air pollution brought about by fuelwood burning;
  • and eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created during fermentation of openly-discharged sewage, thereby helping to reduce the threat of climate change and potentially creating carbon offset credits for sale to industrialized countries.

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