An Innovative Recycling Hub of Regional Biomass by a Public Wastewater Treatment Plant

Suzu City in Ishikawa Prefecture is located at the tip of the Noto Peninsula, off the coast of the Sea of Japan. Because of the new global warming mitigation measures, the city was faced with having to improve sanitation and solid waste management. Sewage works need to be expanded from the central community to those communities at the fringes where it was difficult to extend pipe networks. In addition, conventional sanitation methods needed to be changed and remodeled such that only one facility would be used to treat all the waste in the region. This new system was introduced at an existing public wastewater treatment plant that would undergo remodeling. The main objectives of the project were to:

  1. lessen the amount of greenhouse gases generated;
  2. introduce and remodel a facility that accepts diff erent forms of raw waste from all parts of the city; and
  3. recover energy and convert excess methane sludge into green fertilizer.

Masuhiro Izumiya

Todo Ishikawa
Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology

International Water Association (IWA)