Pour-flush Toilets with Biogas Plant at DSK Training Institute

The vocational training institute, Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK), was built in 1999 on an area of 32,000 square meters in Nani Devti village near Sanand, about 30 kilometers southwest of Ahmedabad City in the state of Gujarat, west of India.

Domestic wastewater from the kitchen building and the workshop building (i.e., blackwater from toilets and greywater from the kitchen and bathrooms) was handled through its collection and infiltration into the ground using a soak pit located close to the hostel building. A second soak pit close to the administrative building was installed to collect wastewater from the community training center.

However, in order to effectively address the sanitation demands of the training institute, a new sanitation facility needs to be established. This was further confirmed by factors such as:

  • accumulation of sludge at the bottom and walls of the soak pits due to poor maintenance;
  • flooding of sewers and soak pits;
  • presence of a near-to-surface aquiclude which prevents the rapid infiltration of rainwater during monsoon season; and
  • need to meet the requirements resulting from the institute's expansion. 

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