Transforming Wastewater Into Green Energy

The proposed project site is located 20 kilometers (km) east of Nakhorn Ratchasima, which is about 250 km away from Bangkok. Nakhorn Ratchasima is one of the five biggest cities in Thailand, where most of the tapioca starch plants in the country are located.

A partnership between Global Water Engineering (GWE) and Chokyuenyong Industrial was established to reduce by more than 95% the effluent chemical oxygen demand (COD) pollution levels at its cassava production plant. Coupled with this objective, gas will be extracted from the wastewater collected to power the company's (Chokyuenyong Industrial) boilers and generate electricity for its own use as well as sell back to the provincial grid.

Processing 1,200 tons of cassava roots a day, Chokyuenyong Industrial uses GWE anaerobic technology with a capacity of 3,200 cubic meters (m3) effluent a day. The installation provides wastewater cleanliness while generating green power and carbon credit profits.