Wastewater Treatment and Recreation Park

Bhubaneswar City is the administrative capital of Orissa, India, with a natural river system running through it. It has experienced a spiraling population growth rate from 16,512 in 1951 to a current estimate of almost 1 million. This growth has resulted in excessive wastewater generation, estimated at 180 MLD. The city has no centralized sewage treatment, thus, untreated and semi-treated sewage flow into the city's water bodies that creates unsanitary conditions. A strip of wetland, NICCO Park, was earmarked for development. It covered 57 acres (27.07 ha), and was primarily used as a dumpsite for the city. Also, the site was encroached upon by slum dwellers.

As part of the Bhubaneswar Master Plan, a lake in the park was developed for boating facilities and a filtration plant was set up for treatment of the water. To further clean the water, a wastewater treatment facility using biotic methods was also set up. The project aims to expand affordable recreation facilities in Bhubaneswar, and to improve the city's sanitation system in a cost-effective way.


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