Water and Sanitation for Sustainable Tourism

Boracay Island is the Philippines' premiere beach destination, boasting of kilometers of powdery, fine, white sand. Approximately a million tourists flock to this destination to enjoy the sun and the beach. Before the entry of the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC), the existing wastewater treatment plant was no longer able to competently perform, given the huge volume and changing characteristics of wastewater generated. This was a critical issue, which can affect its prime economic activity. Untreated wastewater seeps into the beaches, presenting aesthetical and sanitation concerns. At the same time, Boracay was facing water supply inadequacy issues. In April 2009, the East Zone concessionaire of Metro Manila, Philippines—Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWCI)—entered into an agreement with the government with the goal to ensure sustainability of Boracay, creating the Boracay Island Water Company.


Bernardo Mañosca
Boracay Island Water Company
Email: ben.manosca@manilawater.com